The first review of Shadow Of The Damned is in

The first review for the hotly anticipated survival horror game from the makers of Resident Evil and No More Heroes has surfaced. The first review came from the popular Games Master magazine which gave the game an excellent score of 90/100 saying the game is “Nothing short of a revelation.”

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Kran2680d ago

This game.... looks mental, and trippy, and just plain weird....

My sort of game, perhaps? ;)

WombBat2680d ago

Why am i the only one that thinks this game will be good. I think i have an eye for good games.

smashman982680d ago

anything by suda or shinji is a day one for me and this just happens to be both of them so hell yea

gaffyh2679d ago

Wow 90, it looked kinda crappy from the videos. I'll wait for a couple more reviews before checking the game out, but I was originally looking forward to this game until I saw the videos.

hardcore19122680d ago

I'm excited for the game and the first review is absolutely encouraging.

TheLastGuardian20102680d ago

Really nice score. A bit weary since it is the first score, and all, but it's nice to see it being so positive. Could we be seeing a Batman: Arkham Asylum darkhore of 2011?

TheLastGuardian20102680d ago

yes...what do you think I was trying to say? Darkhorse?


Ser2680d ago

Yay! I'm picking this up this Tuesday regardless of the scores.

LoaMcLoa2680d ago

Same here! :) But, so far, it has recieved very good criticsm. Even from the previews

TheLastGuardian20102680d ago

Come on it's Shinji Mikami...the damn creator of Resident Evil 4, and Vanquished. Of course this game is gonna be good.

Plus Akira Yamaoka is doing the music...that's like butter!

This game was destined to do good.

WombBat2680d ago

Agree Shinji Mikami is a legend, didnt he make Viewtiful Joe too? i loved that game

kookie2680d ago

yeah wikipedia is awesome

reznik_zerosum2680d ago

A massive stick of butter used to fight off dangerous koala bears.

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The story is too old to be commented.