No More Heroes 2: The Perfect Gamer's Game

An excellent blend of action gameplay, amazing music, incredible voice acting, and welcome absurdity make No More Heroes 2 one hell of a game. Bright Hub writer David Sanchez discusses just why Suda51's second foray into Santa Destroy is one of the best titles on the Wii, and just a perfect experience for the hardcore gamer.

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TheSanchezDavid2682d ago

Easily my favorite game on the Wii. Possibly my favorite game of this entire console generation. Suda51 and Grasshopper make games for people who want to just let loose and have an awesome time playing video games.

LoaMcLoa2681d ago

Same here, but Vladimir and New Destroyman were just fantastic!

OT, I freaking love this game. The whole series to be honest!

TheSanchezDavid2681d ago

I really dug the insanity of some of the bosses in the second game. Both games feature some of the most enjoyable boss battles in the hack-and-slash genre.

@LoaMcLoa: Vladimir and New Destroyman are easily two of my favorites in the game, as well.

stragomccloud2681d ago

Loved this game! One of my all time favs!

tunaks12681d ago

still need to pick this up for Wii

TheSanchezDavid2681d ago

Do not hesitate any further. Pick this up and play it. You'll love it.