Rumor Busters: E3 Rumors Busted

Stephen Kelley of gamrFeed says: "The dust has settled and another E3 is behind us, thus ending the “peak period” for ridiculous video game rumors. Last week I told you guys that we would start tearing apart the rumors that we had collected, looking for any grain of truth held within. We had just over ten rumors last week, made up of the most persistent ones that kept getting discussed all over the internet. Of the dozen or so, a few turned out to be fairly truthful, while others….not so much."

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BeardedGamerShow3784d ago

I really though Skyward Sword was going to head to Wii U, busted that one up.

Duke_Silver3784d ago

that would have made sooooo many people

Torillian3784d ago

still surprised that the Wii U actually had a screen in the controller, just sounded too crazy when that was rumored.

bmw693784d ago

Sometimes the craziest ones are the real ones

Spectator13784d ago

A couple right, mostly wrong though.

bmw693784d ago

Never trust the rumors...

Rainbird3784d ago

Adam and Jamie personally tested each of these. :-D

Kantor3784d ago

Fine, fine, Grant, Carrie and Torrie did one.

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