Is DICE Working On An Unannounced Project?

Due to the post made by Karl Magnuss Troedsson there is a project a side of Battlefield 3 that is currently in testing phase

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captain-obvious2682d ago

can someone please tell me why everyone think Mirrors edge is a good game and why everyone is asking for a sequel ??

i personally never played it
so i dont know
do you guys recommend it ??

and on topic
i hope its a good game what ever it is

catguykyou2682d ago

So, here is the thing about developers. Funny story really. Different parts of the team finish current projects sooner than others. For instance, Artists and Engine coders. When these teams are finished with their part of the current project, instead of just tell those teams to go home or sit around and do nothing, they get them started on whatever project the company will be working on next. By the time a game is close to going gold, the majority of the teams are already working on a new project. If a company wants to stay in business, they will always have a new project in the works by the time the current one is close to being finished. :) NOW YOU KNOW.

will_c_752682d ago

I always thought DICE should make BATTLE FRONT 3 I wonder if it would sell more than Battlefield 3

Surfaced2682d ago

Existing rumors would point toward a Mirror's Edge successor.

a_squirrel2682d ago

Still, it could be anything, but my money's on Mirror's Edge 2.

Fayulah2682d ago

Either Mirrors edge sequel or new ip

pedrami912682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

This game is AWSOME !

And i would love a sequel with the use of the Frostbite 2 engine !

Fayulah2682d ago

I hope they will reveal their hidden secrets

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