Duke Nukem PR Fiasco Earns 2K Games Respect

Duke Nukem has been getting slammed by critics, and things got ugly earlier this week when Redner Group boss Jim Redner tweeted out of frustration about limiting reviewers' access to games in future. He proceeded to delete the tweet and issue an apology to press, but the proverbial sh*t already hit the fan and publisher 2K Games immediately fired Redner Group as its external PR firm. This quick action by 2K should be commended, says PR expert and founder of IDE Agency Sean Kauppinen.

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Garethvk2734d ago

Its a shame as while I do not condone the action I have worked with Jim on many titles over the years and always found him to be a very good and decent person to work with. He was always helpful and took the time to listen and address any concerns or questions I had.

Soldierone2734d ago

He never replied to any questions we had...we always had to ask someone else. Not saying good riddance or anything, but its obviously still a growing company that has kinks to work out.

trollpolice2733d ago

well it wasn't going to be a triple AAA shooter in the first place..being so late and outdate but hell of a laugh to play and the 0/10 recently is plain retarded that site shouldn't be allowed to review games.

yewles12734d ago

BS. In the end, they took Redner's advice practically, and already blacklisted Eurogamer.


LOL...This game is so bad but i luv it...I just like mindless shooters..All i wanna c is explosions and big guns :D

Garethvk2734d ago

To be fair, people are clearly coming in with a bias and wanting to get press by unloading on the game. I am playing it and it is not that bad. I have played far worse games in the last couple of years and it is actually fun. The big thing is that it is a retro game with dated gameplay and people expected this game to be what Half Life was to shooters.

Bakkies2734d ago

The Redner group were layed off because they were honest. The fact is all publishers blacklist reviewers who give their titles bad scores. Lets face it, any negative view towards the PR group would be a "pot calling the kettle black" issue.

Takoulya2734d ago

Still, this is Public Relations we're talking about. Every single corporation lies or deceives people in some form in order to make money. No company should ever announce that they're going to blacklist people for giving a game a bad review, especially when it's not a magazine like EDGE just bashing things for the sake of hits. DNF was bound to be /fun/ but that just doesn't cut it these days.

Bakkies2733d ago

True, it's a sad truth that deception is a common practice, but one none the less. People should just lighten up though, I had more fun with Duke than I had with the generic space marine game called Halo and the "we still use quake 3 engine" COD. Like Duke says "power armor is for pussies". Amen.

Takoulya2733d ago

Lol, I'll agree with that, except I really like Halo. I hate CoD because of its terrible issues, but Halo is just quality entertainment for me. Personally, I look for more than fun in video games, but that's just because I think of games like art a bit more than I should. Still, if nothing else, DNF looks quite amusing.