Far Cry 3 gunning to look 'incredible' on PS3, 'fantastic' on 360

CVG: Ubisoft Montreal says it can "definitely" replicate the stunning Far Cry 3 experience shown running on PC at E3 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Speaking to CVG in LA last week, producer Dan Hay said his development team is aiming to have the shooter looking "incredible" on PS3 and "fantastic" on Xbox 360 - but PC players will be able to "dial it to 11".

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Kon2683d ago

What is better, incredible or fantastic?

N4GAddict2683d ago

Neither; CVG asked the developer so they can create the story for hits.

SephirothX212683d ago

We all know that real life looks the best. Unless you're news4geeks looking in the mirror.

Lifendz2683d ago

Reminds me of a bit some comic did about the confusion in selecting an over the counter drug. "Do I want fast acting, or long lasting?" "Do I need extra-strength, or do I want maximum strength...which one has more strength?"

Demo for Far Cry 3 was really intriguing...lots of good games coming out this year.

flankhim2682d ago

I hope this one has more driving. So they can call it really far drive 3!

WhittO2682d ago

incredible is better than fantastic.

DaTruth2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Farcry 2 was "Uncredible" on PS3 and "Craptastic" on 360!

Never played the 360 version, but if they are in any way the same game it couldn't suddenly get better. No amount of good graphics could have fixed Farcry 2!

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fluffydelusions2683d ago

In the end they will both look about the same anyway. I've learnt you can only count on Sony 1st parties to go above and beyond.

news4geeks2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Yeah all two of them, uncharted2 and killzone2. After that the best looking games are third party. This idea that the ps3 is significantly superior to the 360 in graphics is nonsense. Sony just blew a hole in their pocket developing an overpriced cpu.

Pintheshadows2683d ago

So news4geeks, I take it that you have never played R and C or God of War 3 or inFamous 2. For that matter Xbox exclusives such as Gears tend to look far better than multiplats.

You have no clue about anything to do with games.

paintsville2683d ago

Right ON!!!
Now as for Far Cry...It'll look great on PS3. It'll require a 5 gig install, and won't perform nearly as well as the 360 rendition. As long as you don't play this side by side with the 360 version you'll think it looks and performs great on PS3.

TheJackasaurus2683d ago

@news4geeks you missed god of war 3, mgs4, heavy rain, gt5, lbp2 resistance 2?

TheFreak2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Everybody that has a ps3 and a 360 knows that the ps3 has better looking games than the 360. End of discussion?

Aquanox2683d ago

And both versions will pale compard to the PC. =)

evrfighter12683d ago

Agree with news4geeks...

Except kz2 is a blurry low res textured mess and I skipped uncharted 2.

Sevir042683d ago

ofcorse you did evil, of course you did, but that still doesnt change the fact that those 2 games you listed can not be topped by any 360 exclusives to date!. trolls will be trolls disagreeing with the facts only make you ignorant!

evrfighter12683d ago Show
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You Noob2683d ago

we have the 1 milion dollars question!!

RedDead2683d ago

In the end they will both look about the same anyway. I've learnt you can only count on Pc exclusives to go above and beyond.

fluffydelusions2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I know you are having a go at my comment but the article specifically mentions PS3/360 which is why I said that. Yes, everyone know PC has the best graphics. The elitists here tend to remind us of that on a daily basis and even I game on PC(steam id is same as my username if you'd like to check)

stu8882683d ago

couldnt agree more mate. BUT above and beyond, you can't be talking about games surely...

Uncharted 2, Gears of War series, Red Dead Redemption, MGS 4, Forza and GT... I could go on with great games PC gamers are missing out. So no, PC does not go above and beyond, console does...

All decent games on PC are released on console. The best console games, on average rated higher than PC exclusives (metacritic). You are wrong!

Just suck 'em. in fact fuck off and shag your USB drive or something like what you PC gamers do.

Otheros002683d ago

High end pcs, yes. Low ends pcs, no.

Objective2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Ever played yesteryears' Marvel Comics paper and pen RPG? Incredible was above Excellent and Remarkable, but below Amazing and Uncanny... There was no Fantastic though...

showtimefolks2683d ago

i play red dead on ps3 and few people were telling me to play it on xbox360 so after playing both versions i couldn't see the difference

these sites want hits fanboys from each side want to believe they are getting the better looking games while both will play the same

now few games push the console boundaries 3rd party wise. The next game that will do and surpass it will be RAGE 3rd party wise and gears3 and uncharted 3 1st party wise respectively

so enjoy the games and forget about the minor difference

_LarZen_2683d ago

If you cant see the diffrence on Red Dead on PS3 VS X360 you should never....ever ever...comment on mathers like this again.


showtimefolks2683d ago

really was there that big of a difference i could see some minor graphics details here and there but really that much.

i finished the game on xbox360 after i finished it on ps3 and maybe something is wrong with my eyes but i didn't see something where i said to myself one is better version than the other

i am not that kind of gamer where small things make big difference to me game ran smooth on both systems looked about the same. Gameplay wise it was about the same

but anyway that's just one gamers testing i guess

ABizzel12683d ago

There's nothing wrong with your eyes, you only find the differences if you truly search for them. The only thing that's truly noticeable when playing a game is the framerate, because it affects how the game is being played. Then screen tearing. Minor graphical problems aren't noticeable unless you have both games running side by side, or the different is completely apparent from the start, but seeing how this is 2011 and not 2006 that problems gone.

_LarZen_2683d ago

I have the X360 edition and borowed the PS3 from my father and the difference is realy noticable on this game.

The AA and the textures are so bad on the PS3 version :(

Just look at this..remember to click Watch picture in original size.

BlackTar1872683d ago

even there larzen its not some mess that you make it out to be even in your own link.

They have differences and to some look like it just a different color pallet that's it.

nothing game breaking/game ruining in any of those pics.

I don;t think i even played RDR on ps3 i think it was a 360 only game for because of MP friends

mastiffchild2683d ago

It'as a myth prpetuated by sits like LoT that EXIST purely to show diffeences between multiplat tiles so is it any wonder they find the differences when even the devs are saying the most important thing for them is parity? In other words devs are saying they know it would be stupid to take advantage of a strength one console has but the other doesn't-why? Because that would alienate HALF their audience/market and ?games are expensive and need their margins and for a multiplatform game to cut off half it's customers is suicidal.

99.9% of the time if I'd not been "informed"of the tiny details differing between console versions of 360 and PS3 games I'f NEVER have known about them even having played both versions close together. I prfer my PS3 because of to things these days-I don't want to pay a Gold sub any longer and I like a DS3 better than a 360 pzd but for multiplats and performance I couldn't care less either way. You'd be just as well off with 360 playing the inferior FF13 on however many discs as you would be playing Bayonetta's supposedly broken PS3 port.

They're the two more crecent examples where I think I can see the difference without being prompted and even there i wouldn;'t say to ANYONE "hey, ou GOT to play it on the other platform, you're missing out!". Only with The Orange Box do I truly feel a PS3 version of a multi has been THAT poor it's obvious to everyone and a shoddy mes that's best avoided if you have the choice but even so, if you only have a PS3 those meta scores speak for themselves-it's still amazing and if it wasn't amazing on the system reviewers would have said so. And that's the WORST sodding port I can think of!

LoT/DF and comparison sites of every size have to find winners and losers and actively seek them out in ways we couldn't possibly do. they use programs to detect FPS and screen tear issues and so on. Speed up and slow down to check detail and even use different settings than you should if they'r struggling and they do it because they exists to do so and without a winner or loser every other release why would anyone ever go to them?

Seriously, they know there's ads to be sold in the fanboy hits they collect-by and large-and I feel for anyone who truly goes to them expecting to find out things pertinent to their own experience as they count a lot of stuff you could NEVER see even with games running side by side FFS. It's annoying to me that we don't see multiplatform titles pushing the 360 and PS3 as well or as hard as the very best exclusives do on each platform but fact is EA/Ubi whoever ants the games as close as possible as long as they reach an acceptable and saleable standard close to each other. Annoying but unavoidable with close console sales figures.

Rant over. Sorry but nothing annoys me like the crud sold as things the average gamer should care about or even be able to see with their own eyes by these sites. I just don't get why we visit them. If a difference is bad enough to be obvious to a gamer don't we imagine it would be picked up by the average reviewer who is way more likely to even SEE both versions than we are? A bad port is picked up on ANYWAY so sod these sites telling us who won because their C told them so when their eyes can't.

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malamdra2683d ago

good, some honesty from a developer

I guess MS didn't made them sign the contract that most devs have to sign that forces them to scale down the PS3 version so both will look very similar

mendicant2682d ago

Can you provide proof of said contract or are you talking out of your ass?

Arkham2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

When we as gamers have to argue which is better -- "incredible" or "fantastic" -- it is a good day indeed.

kikizoo2683d ago

Incredible >>>> fantastic..

except if they said "incredible" because they don't are usualy good with ps3.

50Terabytespersec2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

we've heard all this malarkee before with so many games,that are multi console PC ports.
Al i have to say is the PS3 has Uncharted 3 and after seeing all thoose fluid physics and graphics as well as KZ3's stage with water effects etc. it doesn't get any better!!!
The SPU's are being used correctly and so is the Blu-ray capacity.
Now stop saying this game is gonna be anything but a PC port.
Obviously PC has an advantage but so does PS3,
PS3 inspires hard work and creativity with its unique design , but PC's inspire a easy quick fix game engines with not too much paradigm or out of the box changes in thinking.

Im tired of FPS PC ports slap onto xbox360 and PS3 then saying all this crap about how they look so great??
BS !!
Give me something exclusive and specific!1
I paid 500 for my PS3 and it has SSD drive i want some real serious native games!!!

avengers19782682d ago

Game looked pretty sweet.

thesummerofgeorge2682d ago

Well I heard that the PS3 version is gonna look fantabulous, whereas the 360 version will merely be stupendous. Neither will match the PC version, which is purported to look scrumtrulescent. As you can well imagine, this came as troubling news...

Gamingisfornerds2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

"So we want to make sure that if you're playing it on PS3 it looks incredible, and if you're playing on the 360 it's unbelievable.

Unbelievable > incredible...haha

Misleading and pointless header.

Armyntt2682d ago

These stories that use such grand superlatives piss me off.

palaeomerus2682d ago

Incredible means "should not be believed" and fantastic means "resembling an insubstantial dream or hallucination".


incredible: so extraordinary as to seem impossible
fantastic: conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination

good would be better

subtenko2682d ago

Incredible sounds better. Fantastic sounds like a 'pat on the head' kinda compliment.

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NYC_Gamer2683d ago

what about the gameplay?

N4GAddict2683d ago

You would have thought CVG would ask a question like that but NOPE, they want the hits they don't even need.

soundslike2683d ago

most importantly though...are there hidden diamonds all over the map?

gemc6662683d ago

no, more important is.....are the enemies going to spam over and over again¿?¿?¿? 1;?

BeastlyRig2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Pc should look uber orgasmic settings!

before the fanboy war this is what they said

"So we want to make sure that if you're playing it on PS3 it looks incredible, and if you're playing on the 360 it's unbelievable, sounds amazing and looks fantastic," he said."

seems to be no advantage in ps3 vs 360..

I hope there will be graphics mods for this game!
so much love for pc from devs in 2011 vs being shunned in 2010..

clarkdef2683d ago

Hate the way you mention fanboy, YOU ARE ONE LOL. You would have 5 bubbles if you weren't.

However you're still right about the orgasmic settings.

YodaCracker2683d ago

It seems almost impossible to have 5 bubbles on this site unless you are a PS3 fan. If you are a 360 fan, you will naturally have less bubbles.

Paralex2682d ago

They're going to look equal on both systems. Both systems can handle the same, no major differences. PS3 often lacks in actual performance, but the graphics can stand up to par. They need to add more RAM to the PS3.

Nes_Daze2683d ago

Both versions will look about the same, it's usually what happens with multiplatforms now, only fanboys will call another version superior to another based on small minor imperfections.

KRATOS-PS32683d ago

sadly there are often a lot of differences

Nes_Daze2683d ago

If you dig for them and make them up in your head, yes...there will be -_-

bigjclassic2683d ago

this is what is wrong with gaming. Last gen devs were proud to pump out strong stuff on XB1 and GCN, but this time around everyone wants to be the "same".

mobijoker2683d ago

And look like console ports on pc like crysis 2.