Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 vs. PS3 - Screenshot Comparison

Screenshot comparison between the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption. Hint: Click on "See full size" to view the screenshots in original size.

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FlipMode2833d ago

This is getting beat to death now.

WinterWolf2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

As it gamers, it is our job as a community to bring up these topics so developers can address these issues. And as hardcore gamers, why should we expect anything less than the best?

eggbert2833d ago

7 of the same article on ONE gaming news site.

Hell maybe if there was something different in each article, but they are pretty much the same thing reworded and restructured.

sinclaircrown2833d ago

As humans, we need to realize what these are. Only games.

And the difference is almost nothing. The only people who would notice these differences are the people that care too much. Those people aren't gamers. A 'gamer' would be too busy enoying the game to be worried about something that 'looks a little blurrier' on a different console.

BlackTar1872833d ago

i agree good post.

I game for the enjoyment i understand wanting the best product but when the difference are this small and the general whole the core of the game is untouched etc i see this as a disservice to gamers on both sides sure i understand your reasoning but in the end if your enjoyment is cut in 1/2 because of a blurry texture and not the core game play then i see that as a problem with the gamer not the devs.
I mean ive been gaming since card machines so i have a little different taste in my mouth to say someone who started with Xbox 1 and ps2. I will not try to understand them as much as ill just let them go maybe its a generational thing i don't know.
You want to be happy in life lower your expectations

Socrates2833d ago

Wow, the hypocrisy of some people is outrageous.
This routine is getting old. Whenever a multiplat looks better on the 360 certain fanboys try to convince themselves that the differences are "almost nothing", but then these same fanboys turn around and try to claim that there is a huge difference between PS3 exclusives and 360 exclusives. Absurd!

I have played Alan Wake and Uncharted 2 and although they look very different I honestly can't really say which one I enjoy more on a visual level. They both look so good that I become totally immersed in them and if one looks better than the other it is so subjective and subtle that I can't really decide. Nevertheless, we continue to have people playing this game that PS3 exclusives are supposedly vastly better than 360 exclusives. But when one version of a multiplatform game has lower resolution, worse aliasing, and missing effects or objects we are supposed to pretend that the difference is so small as to be insignificant.

commodore642833d ago Show
Meryl2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

@C64 - how nice you actually pick the games that suit your argument what about dragon age annd FF XIII, and trust me the differences on FF XIII version was far bigger but certain fanboys spun it and said they could not tell the difference so 720p versus 540p yeah the xbox really is better than ps3/ sarcasm
you do realise all of the games you listed was not maximised towards using the SPU's which is why the games was not as good on PS3, look at FF XIII it was maximsed to use the SPU's it had 720p and 30fps, the x360 version 540p ad actually sunk to as low as 20fps on grand pulse (on a lower resolution) which tells me x360 is actually much weaker

commodore642832d ago Show
cayal2832d ago

lol @ commodore

PS3 doesn't measure up?

If it were for these idiotic articles you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between multi-plats.
These articles are written so fanboys like you can use them to spout your dribble that you can't even see with the naked eye.

I'll enjoy playing RDR on my PS3. You play it on your 360 and you try to convince yourself that you are playing the better version. I will continue to laugh at your fearful shortcomings.

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niceguywii602833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

It's not there yet, what only about 3 articles including this one? The average 360 sub-HD article gets 10 to 15 articles.

I do think this site should be banned from N4G though their doctored or strategic cherry picking tactics to make each version seem on par as much as possible is wrong. videogamezone has been caught switching pics

Information Minister2833d ago

If that's the case, then I think we're 14 articles short on the Xbox 360 version of Split/Second. But if you're referring to that ridiculous barrage of articles about Alan Wake, that game was supposed to "show the true power of the 360", "blow Uncharted 2 out of the water" and kick start a "new era in game engines for the 360". So yeah, it had it coming.

But back on topic, RDR looks better on 360 just like GTA4. End of story! Features, gameplay and the experience itself are exactly the same across both systems. This is not another Bayonetta.

joydestroy2833d ago

hahaha i was just about to say the same thing ^_^
this is being beat to death worse than [insert long running franchise that should've been killed off years ago]

BeaArthur2833d ago

Don't blame me I reported it as Lame.

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AngryTypingGuy2833d ago

I agree with FlipMode, it's overkill. Besides, why are we surprised? The 360 version of games are usually a little sharper while the PS3 version tend to be a tad blurrier. If you look at past games, that's just usually the way it goes.

AngryTypingGuy2833d ago

@FragGen - No need to hate either version, the differences are minimal. This will end up being one of the defining games of this gen.

FragGen2833d ago

I'm zooming in on these and looking at the differences and I'm trying to make myself hate the PS3 version and think it "sucks" but I can't because the game is friggin awesome. Am I doing something wrong?

Hotel_Moscow2833d ago

yes look at the missing grass and rocks

Game13a13y2833d ago

this horse has been beaten to death, then raise back to life with black magic, then beaten to death again in exactly the same way, then beaten to death some more and more...

shadow27972832d ago

The only thing worse than beating a dead horse is betting on one.

booni32832d ago

because it isnt like you didnt know it was coming.....again.

Alvadr2832d ago

RIGHT Iv had enough of this.... ive made my decision..

Im buying the PS3 version, and not going to look at a single more comparison as they are driving me mad!!!!!

End of!

avengers19782832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

First the game runs at 720p on the PS3 that is not sub-hd, that is HD. Second the screen shots if anyone cares to view them show the game looks pretty much the same on both systems. Look at the image of him shooting at the cooking pot on the PS3 image you can clearly make out 3 different people in the background, but can't even tell if there are people in the 360 version. Oh, and PS3 version special edition no extra charge.

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StarScream4Ever2833d ago

Ok up close rt now on my PC monitor the difference is noticeable.
However, when move back to 4 ft away, its kinda hard to tell especially if its in motion.

raptorjacob2832d ago

That's what i was thinking. Yesterday looking at them zoomed in i was starting to get a headache looking at the ps3 one. it is a good thing im not going to be sitting 2 inches from my tv. It doesnt look bad from a normal viewing distance (at least the screenshots on the comp, i havent rented it yet for my ps3).

jmmurillo862833d ago

Everybody already knows. Technically, 360's is better: more resolution, better draw-distance, more grass. PS3 is blurry but shows prettier color palette, at least in these shots. Both look equally beautiful. Get any version and enjoy.

Downtown boogey2833d ago

Damn... This comment SEEMS to start as a pure trolling attempt but then you realize it's actually very well said after you've read it all. :)

PAPERCHASER03962833d ago

The PS3 hAs flexed it's GRAPHICAL muscles over and over so why are fanboys nitpicking multis is this all they have left to do now?

CrAppleton2832d ago

I love how PS3 fanboys think the PS3 is sooo superior. If you look at these shots, the PS3 pics colors are so vibrant that they look fake. The 360 version looks the part. Both look good, the 360 version just looks better. Why do the PS3 fanboys have to hate when they lose a battle, and then try to rub it in when they win? PS3 = a glorified bluray player

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aryan_irani2833d ago

idk whose making these comparissons. its like they switched the ps3/360 screens we saw in previous comparissons. the ps3 version look a little better in here

hamoor2833d ago


AntBoogy902832d ago

That doesn't mean anything, except the sharpness. Resolution means SHARPNESS, it doesn't mean lush colors and such. Idiot.

Hallmark Moment2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

That is why PS3 fanboys post screenshot comparisons articles from videogamezone


Alan Wake is (4xAA) and has vastly superior graphics to RDR(360, 2XAA)

I can't wait for Eurogamer and Lense Of Truth to put this to rest and kill any attempts to mislead the public in a damage control effort.

I don't think videogamezone's trickery can convince 99% of the industry that sees and excepts the truth.

radzy2833d ago

they upped the brightness on the ps3 shots and lowered it on the 360 shots .
zoom in the screenshots (gameplay) and you see a massive difference .
looks like the 360 is 1080p and the ps3 version is 480p .
its that bad .

blame rockstar or ps3 or whatever!!!

Alcon Caper2833d ago

My my...isn't this that site that posted the MW2 pics and reversed the labels? uh ohhhhh

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