Duke Nukem Forever Ready To Stop Chewing Bubblegum

It's looking likely that the Duke has hung up his RPG for the very last time.

It's a sad day at Rewired Towers.

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Asuka5871d ago

i just don't care about it anymore

calderra5869d ago

Duke Nukem 3d was awesome, and really broke down a lot of doors in its day. Respect it at least for olde time's sake.

But the idiots responsible for screwing hte poch need to hang up their hats and sell this franchise to more capable people. I'm sorry, (not naming names), but you just can't hack it when it comes to this title. Give it up.

Islandkiwi5871d ago

I loved the last game, but maybe it's best to leave on the high note, eh?


Ive been waitn 4 this game Forever, this gonna piss me off

Balance5871d ago

that sucks,,, duke nukem was so much fun back in the day. "come get some"

CAPS LOCK5870d ago

we want to see duke nuckem back, that games was soo cool man.

G_CodeMonkey5870d ago

As much as I hate to say it, let Duke rest. I have very fond memories of Duke 3D. I believe the last media we had from them was the producer (I could be wrong) saying they'll release it and people will complain its not good enough. I don't think they can win--take the tax write-off and move on. gCM

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The story is too old to be commented.