Nintendo pulled devs' Wii U demos at E3

develop: "Nintendo axed a number Wii U demos at E3 due to concerns that they would fail to impress, a new report suggests."

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GunShotEddy2679d ago

They chose to show Xbox 360 and PS3 games rather than demos of games on the actual system? Not a good sign!

iamnsuperman2679d ago

I guess though it has something to do with it being in early development. One more year should be enough time.

Abash2679d ago

Well the Tekken game looked impressive, and it had to be on Wii U hardware given that they showed off the drawing feature and there's no PS3/360 version of that game

pangitkqb2679d ago

I don't think the Wii U reveal has gone well for Nintendo. I am a genuine nintendo fan, but everything I have seen so far of the Wii U is concerning to say the least.

I hope they get things together soon.

iforgotmylogin2679d ago

when i heard that i needed to hear no more,
thats good news for me

ill wait till tgs or a nintendo reveal show to see the wiiu's graphics.

system isnt even finalized yet.

PygmelionHunter2679d ago

And of course in typical N4G fashion, iamnsuperman writes a comment that makes sense and gets disagrees...

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MartinGlow2679d ago

Underclocked development kits. They didn't want to give off a wrong graphical impression to the world.

This is good news.

N4g_null2679d ago

Nope it's a great sign, those are underclocked systems and just like the killzone trailer target render they could have shown some cgi or the ports. The difference is the frame rate will be better on wiiu then the graphics will flex in the second wave as studios fight over the art crown again.

Mean while nintendos own games can look how ever they choose. At least it wasn't like the xbox reveal on macs lol.

I'm starting to think some of your gamers are addicted to hype not gaming. It's like you want people to lie to you, crazy.

n4f2679d ago

daaaam hit the nail

NYC_Gamer2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

that is why i am not impressed because all seen were tech demos and PS3/360 footage

Shok2679d ago

(If any of you would actually read/do some research)

Nintendo pulled the demos because they felt that they weren't at the point of graphical fidelity to show them off. the games looked like 360/PS3 games at that time so Nintendo decided not to show them.

Basically, the games didn't show how strong the hardware is, so they decided not to show them altogether.

radphil2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

So then what was the point of them showing that off to E3.

It's already a sign that they rushed this info out way too soon.

iforgotmylogin2679d ago

i agree,

if nintendo showed some games that looked like ps3 and not next gen n4g would have 50 articles with at least 500 degrees filled with back and fourths about wiiu this and that.

nintendo didnt rush they just unlocked the door for next gen because the hdtwins want to go for 4-6 more years.

imo this was just the alpha test
next year they will show off the beta
and then release the final version sometime after

jwk942679d ago

And now we have articles slandering the reveal and saying that it is just another PS3 or Xbox 360 and it's still a generation behind. It would've been a smart move to show off stuff that was graphically on par with the current gen powerhouses and then say that the dev kits used to make those short demos were underclocked because that would mean that it'll only get better, meaning it'll be better than the powerhouse's graphics.

N4g_null2679d ago

All will be fixed by next April lol. It's like when every one screamed no hardcorez and nintendo dropped 2d Mario and dkc2 with a ton of other games on them.

It was a good reveal because now developers can talk to each other at least. Before only certain teams knew. Can you imagine what it feel like to have awesome at your office while the fans are screaming about omg 15 fps lol. 3 frigkin years! Not even final spec.

Watch as Sony and ms do this or show cgi and all this is ignored. LoL.

Like I said ports first then bam welcome to next gen.

Ulf2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Some reports stated that the devkits shipped to devs were underclocked, and that's the reason the demos were unimpressive.

You don't want to display a side-by-side with an existing game series if you can't compare to games already out, in that series. Hopefully, for Nintendo, the end results will be better.

B1663r2679d ago

And a new generation of gamers is about to get a disappointing lesson in vaporware...

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