Starhawk Single-Player Shines at E3, Next Stop: Comic-Con

Blog.Us.Playstation: As expected, E3 2011 was crazy fun and a gamer’s dream come true. Every year E3 gets bigger and badder but this year’s show was special for us: we finally got to unveil our multiplayer Capture the Flag mode for Starhawk! So far, the feedback has been great. Starhawk was nominated for a bunch of E3 awards, including Best Shooter, Best Multiplayer and Best PS3 Game from G4TV.

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avengers19782870d ago

The drop in buildings has me interested, the game looked good, and I can't wait to see more. Plus multiplayer on this game could be sick.

Sunhammer2870d ago

Sony's first black mascot? He looks badass. Then again, Kratos is technically black too. Either way, Starhawk looks too fun to describe with words. Will probably end up being my favorite MP experience of 2012.

Lightbox ftw.

rogimusprime2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Kratos is black? is that because TC carson who voices him is black? So samurai Jack is black too?.... since phil Lamarr does his voice. I must've missed something during the plot development - thought he was spartan.

Anyway, I played Starhawk at E3. To call it a sequel would be to insult it. Completely new experience than Warhawk. Probably my most anticipated game for 2012...even after playing ninja gaiden 3 at E3.
Hopefully I can play it at comic con next month too :)