New Version of Tales of Xillia System Trailer Now Up

The official Tales of Xillia site updated today with a new version of the recent System trailer that was shown during Tales of Festival 2011. Get to see more of Elise in battle, as well as a few new artes from the other characters.

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ksense2734d ago

I am really hoping they will bring this and ni no kuni localized to the western market

sinncross2734d ago


though i think this being localised rests with Tales of Graces F, hopefully not.

TheHater2734d ago

This look badass. I really hope the localized this in the West

CLOUD19832734d ago

this looks amazing just make a translation keep the Japanese VO and bring it here NAMCO!!! no reason to spent money on horrible eng dubs on JRPG's when r u fcking understand this?