Rock Band's Xbox 360 USB Hub = Fail

Ben Kuchera writes in Opposable Thumbs about the one major flaw of the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band and explains why the PS3 version is now the most attractive.

(via Ars Technica on October 30, 2007)

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sonarus4868d ago

personally i think the ps3 version is the version to get for those of us who own the orignal ps3's with the 4usb ports anyway. Wireless is also always the way to go. However if they go taking out online features and such and such then 360 version will be the way to go. At the end of the day it all depends on whether that lil usb issue as annoying as it is will deter you from buying it on your 360

God of Gaming4868d ago

I was wondering.. doesnt the new 40 gig version of the PS3 drop a USB port or 2? How does that work into all this..?

PS360WII4868d ago

yea more things to plug in is always a problem. I'm surprised that the power isn't thru the USB itself. I guess it would drain to much from the console itself, right? Plus won't they need to make one for the other model of the PS3? Couldn't they of tinkered around to make em wireless by hooking up the controller to them like they did with the Wii Guitar for GHIII?

Adamalicious4868d ago

Unfortunately you can only get so much juice through one USB connection. They might have been able to make a Y cable that eats both USB ports to get enough voltage, but I can't say for sure.

gamehendge4868d ago

Fail and 360 in the same sentence...

Frulond4868d ago

would be more pricey... I love being having no cables on my ps3 and would love to be wireless on pc or x360 (if i had one)
ppl stepping on controller cables comes to mind... made my earlier consoles fell a couple times :S
probably this is a bit off topic...
on topic:
they should have make a usb receptor for the x360 ghIII version instead of this horrible outcome

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The story is too old to be commented.