Latest HD DVD Copy Protection Cracked, Transformers Now On the Loose

Crunch Gear for one loves the rat race between copy protection creators and copy protection breakers. Newly released Blu-ray and HD DVD discs have been shipping with the fourth-gen MKB copy protection. Slysoft's AnyDVD software already works around this new copy protection scheme. As the world turns…

Various message boarders were freaking out that the newly released Transformers HD DVD couldn't be ripped because of the new copy protection. And then it was ripped and ripped again by release group after release group. At this point, you can hardly visit CNN without bumping into a torrent for the rip.

Calling copy protection schemes "unbreakable" is as silly as calling the Titanic "unsinkable."

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SmokeyMcBear4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

haha.. copy protection will always get cracked.. im surprised dvd decrypter was able to rip the transformers DVD that i rented from best buy.. just added it to my collection.

edit.. haha oops.. yeah i meant blockbuster, get those two mixed up ..doh

emaddox844866d ago

Define "rent." Haha, do you mean Blockbuster?

mighty_douche4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

tried DVD Shrink? i find it much quicker and 'user friendly' than decrypter.

dont like red discs tho.

oh, can anyone let me know the size of the download?

SmokeyMcBear4866d ago

yeah ive tried dvd shrink, used to use it a lot when i was trying to straight copy a dvd, from disc to disc, but lately been having a lot of problems with it, mainly not being able to rip the movie, but decrypter has been pretty good, even with the new releases, every now and then a hiccup, but good overall. Also its pretty good at making just one big ol vob of the movie, rather than dvd shrink which just kind of gets the different chapter vob, so a bunch of vobs, still don't know how to change it up.

mighty_douche4866d ago

good call on the whole vob thing! i forgot that decrypter does that!

*add remove programs.... dvd shrink.... uninstall...*

lol im going back to decrypter, ive spent countless hours trying to combine the vob's...

<---- f*cking noob sometimes...

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lynx1halo4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Damn the encryptions....locks...passcod es...and whatever they may put on any product....WHERE THERES A WILL....THERES A WAY!!

rbanke4866d ago

Now i need to find someone with a blu-ray burner and I wont have to wait 16 more months for it =P

spammy_nooo4866d ago

I ran across this torrent myself while surfing the web. Sucks for them.

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