The Top 5 Superhero Games

360 Magazine: As life long comic book fans we love superheroes on 360 magazine. But you’ll often be hard pressed to find decent video games starring our spandex wearing friends.

Thankfully there have been a few shining heroes amidst the dross, with developers that have managed to both create good games and portray their heroes in a fun way. Here we present the top 5 superhero games on 360.

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Corrwin2770d ago

You mean Top 2, and the 3 most mediocre? Right?

Quagmire2770d ago

Do the world a favour and play Wolverine and Shattered Dimensions.

Corrwin2770d ago

I played Wolverine, and enjoyed it. But it's not one of the Top superhero games by a long shot.

jimmins2770d ago

Have to agree with Quagmire. Those games are really pretty good.

Corrwin2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

"Really pretty good" != Top

SilentNegotiator2770d ago

I was about to say "At LEAST have Infamous 1 and 2"

Then I realized that this is an xbox site, and not a humble one.