Rumour – Half-Life 3 confirmed, Episode Three and Four cancelled

A user going by the handle of ryuuk made a post on the Steam forums – screengrabbed by Half-life fan site Lambda Generation – claiming to have had access to former Valve programmer Mike Dussault’s resumé through his work place. Dussault left Valve last year after a decade’s service. Rumor is that Half Life 3 will run on Valves Source Engine 2.0.

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Killzone3Helghast2734d ago

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this was true. Valve has been holding the game back for quite some time and they know there is a lot of people waiting for the next installment.

Spydiggity2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I have no doubt that Half Life 3 will run on a new engine; but i find it very hard to believe they would just abandon the story laid out in episodes 1 and 2. seems to me that episode 3 will likely happen and be a sendoff to the original Source Engine.

lets just keep in mind that this is only a rumor. and i seem to remember valve saying specifically that episode 3 was definitely happening a year or so ago.

GrumpyVeteran2734d ago

Episode 4?

We were never even expecting an episode 4 lol, so just Ep3 cancelled then.

ReservoirDog3162734d ago

Haha, that's exactly what I was gonna say. I never even thought that far.

FlashXIII2734d ago

Hope this means the next cs too!

Spydiggity2734d ago

that seems likely. although i doubt if it will be free with purchase of HL3 like it was with HL2. things have changed since 2004.

FlashXIII2734d ago

Yeah but CSS was worth the full asking price for a game on it's own let alone bundled with Half Life 2.

CrimsonEngage2734d ago

Great, all we have to do is wait 6 years for the game.

femshep2734d ago

As long as half life 3 picks up where they left off i will be fine.....but valve dosn't seem to care about there fan-base anymore all they care about is money....which worries me

Killzone3Helghast2734d ago

you don't know Valve very well.. they're one of the best devs this gen

femshep2734d ago

yeah but they have done nothing for the fanbase or they would have at least said there working on Half life

portal 2.....was completely short and way to easy
left 4 dead.....was only fun if you had intelligent friends who communicated
team fortress....still awesome

but still nothing on half life

Bioware, Unreal, Naughty Dog, Insomniac are all huge this gen and......except for bioware, they have all done nicely on keeping up in touch with there fanbase

bioware is the exception cause of how much the streamline there games from being awesome RPG's to a big mess of a game.....don't get me wrong still getting mass effect 3 but its not the franchise i fell in love with

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The story is too old to be commented.