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Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we shine some light on the Dark Side of The Moon to try and spot any differences that Transformers: Dark of The Moon may have between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Perfect timing too – tonight is a total lunar eclipse! Autobots roll out!"

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Tempjf3593d ago

Wow LOT are fast, I was just thinking about which one to get and now I know. Xbox 360 hands down. Looks like PS3 is back on the wagon!!

jack_burt0n3593d ago

are u blind or have you lived without AA for so long you cant tell it doesn't have any!?

the 360 is missing a whole load of visual effects and dynamic lights.

and the texture detail is the same in the close up, never make a call without seeing gameplay in case one is not vsynced but work out what it is your looking @.

BakedGoods3593d ago

Sorry, not hands down. Sure the textures seem sharper, but the PS3 lighting is more realistic. You'll never be able to see the texture difference during live gameplay, however better light provides better moving visuals.

Kon3593d ago

PS3 version is just a bit blurry. Other than that it is all the same.

Joe Bomb3593d ago

Too many effin games this week. I'm just gonna rent this one.

Queefy_B3593d ago

A head to head i could care less about ill pass.

earbus3593d ago

The 360 is way clearer enjoy the glaucoma edition.

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The story is too old to be commented.