N4G at E3: Bioshock Infinite Preview

Cat writes, "If you're hoping to go into Infinite with a squeaky clean slate and an empty mind, don't read any further, the events discussed occur partway through the game.

"In a packed room of media there's a presentation of Bioshock Infinite - the story, the combat, the world. For those that need a little catching up, our main character, Booker DeWitt is a former Pinkerton agent - former because he played things a little too tough, and gambled away what he couldn't afford. Now he's stuck traveling to Columbia, a floating city of Jeffersonian ideals with more than a hint of jingoism, to rescue Elizabeth, a woman trapped since toddlerhood by a giant, mechanical bird."

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Mucudadada2684d ago

I'm jelly you got to see it, but happy you shared the love! Great preview!

Cat2684d ago

Well you just battle that green-with-envy while you grab some trail mix with Ted. :D

gameseveryday2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

As usual...awesome write up by Cat :D

Edit: Between any chance you interviewed Kevin?

Captain Tuttle2684d ago

Nice write up Cat. Can't wait for this game.