GamingUnion: From Dust E3 2011 Hands-On Preview

From Dust is the latest project from acclaimed developer Eric Chahi, the man behind Another World and Heart of Darkness. Chahi left the gaming space entirely for several years after a long period of arduous development in the 90s, but was inspired to return and revive the god-game genre after he became fascinated with volcanoes. From Dust represents Chahi's attempt to recreate our physical world and give players considerable influence over the elements that shape it.

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mephman2686d ago

Really can't wait for this game.

JDouglasGU2686d ago

Chahi should bring on Peter Molyneux for Populous and Kinect advise. I could see this game actually working quite well with Kinect.

ShawnCollier2686d ago

Yeah, it looks helluva impressive.