What Makes Lost Planet a Hidden Gem?

Lost Planet has a small niche fanbase and it has also been looked down by critics. What makes this game a bit different from your standard sci fi shooter?

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Quagmire2736d ago

Its a very ambitious title. Ive played both, and they are of epic proportions.

Its basically a sci-fi shooter version of Monster Hunter.

I just wish they can fix the mountain of problems and glitches with AI, multiplayer, etc.

kookie2736d ago

Its one of the best xbox 360 and pc game.

kookie2736d ago

It was originaly on xbox 360 then ps3.

LeftPawedFox2736d ago

i know. but its still on ps3

ShoryukenII2736d ago

Lost Planet 2's co-op demo was very fun but I didn't like the competitive multiplayer.