Game Journalism: You're Doing it Wrong

Adrian of FinalSmash takes the news about The Redner Group blacklisting for "negative" reviews and shows what they really meant without the twist on other journalism sites.

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DeeZee2735d ago

I agree, I think some of these sites are being too hard on this game, and some are acting really immature. Like giving it 3/10, I played it and I think it's mediocre, but not that bad. I feel like since it's been in development so long everyone is being harsher towards it.

kramun2735d ago much as I'd like to fight for Dukes dignity I'd have to say it is a pretty poor game. I wanted it to be a good game but it's not even that. I can appreciate old school games but it wasn't even old school, it's just not very good.

I can appreciate old school gaming, I still love playing the original, Doom, Quake, I love Serious Sam. I wasn't expecting much but Duke is really bad.

It's not a new game with an old school twist, it's just a new game that isn't very good. I don't like saying it, but it's true.

Chnswdchldrn2735d ago

i played it too man, and 3/10 is being a bit too generous

agentxk2735d ago

Our writers gave it a 8.5 but I think it is a 6. Above average but a solid rental. I had fun with it, others did too. Attacks are silly and immature. This fiasco could cost someone a job and that is just sad.

RedDead2735d ago

Yeah really, 1/10 should signify a broken unplayable video game. 3/10 should be utter shite.

I haven' played it even, but just looking at some vids I can tell it ain't 3/10

Smartzke2735d ago

I knew it definitely wouldn't get perfect scores all around, but from what I've played of it so far, no WAY does it deserve scores that low. Unfortunately so many reviews are based around the hype it's been getting rather than the game itself.

agentxk2735d ago

I went in expecting the game to suck, so anything better than that was a victory.

blackhammer2735d ago

Reviews are opinions.

"Cool, so now thanks to this guy not only publishing wrong information, now he’s leading a pack of gamers in the wrong direction as well."

Well, that sounds like journalism to me. hehe

AdrianHD2735d ago

Absolutely nothing wrong with journalism. Nothing wrong with reviews either. I didn't say anything against either in the article.

Tigerfist2735d ago

It sounds more like bad journalism to me. Let's not forget what real journalism is all about.

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The story is too old to be commented.