Blu-ray Mounts An Offensive

The gloves are off. Backers of the high-definition Blu-ray Disc format are staging a two-day offensive in Hollywood this week, touting their triumphs and offering previews of upcoming releases such as Cars, Ratatouille, the "Die Hard" movies, Dirty Dancing and Spider-Man 3 to a crowd of more than 50 influential print and online journalists.

Representatives of all the Blu-ray-exclusive studios - Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment - were in attendance as were key executives with supporting consumer electronics manufacturers such as Sony, Philips and Panasonic.

Also there was Dan Silverberg, VP of high-definition media for Warner Home Video, which since Paramount's move to the HD DVD camp is the only studio to support both next-generation formats.

The press was given a fact sheet of more statistics and Blu-ray milestones, including the fact that even in a week in which Transformers came out on HD DVD and with no comparable title in its lineup, Blu-ray Discs still managed to outsell discs in the rival format. So far this year, Blu-ray titles have outsold HD DVD titles by a 2-to-1 margin. Since inception, Blu-ray software sales have accounted for 61% of high-def disc software sales. And 17 of the 20 top-selling high-definition disc titles are available on Blu-ray.

There also were indications that the Blu-ray camp is done playing nice. At the entrance to the opening breakfast, at the Hollywood and Highland complex, was a huge blowup of a Deadline Hollywood article by renegade online columnist Nikki Finke. The article raised questions about Paramount Home Entertainment's claim that it sold 190,000 copies of Transformers on HD DVD in a single week.

Later in the day, on the 20th Century Fox lot, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment president Mike Dunn blasted Paramount for its defection, accusing the studio of "taking the bait," referring to a reported $50 million payout to drop its support of Blu-ray Disc and release titles exclusively in HD DVD.

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Liquid Ocelot4876d ago

me too. LOL!!!!
OK being serious now i hope Blu-Ray wins though i probably end up being disagreed with for saying that.

marinelife94876d ago

Paramount only got 50 million? I thought it was 150 mill.

ruibing4876d ago

With Disney and Pixar taking care of the family movies and then the rest taking care of all the other genres, BD has exclusives across the board. Now with BD-R/RW burners already in second generation and cheap organic dyes coming out for them, it will slowly replace DVD.

HD-DVD's counter is to slash prices on HD-DVD players, the cheapest one is $200 but can only display 1080i (what's the point on future proofing yourself with next gen hi-def with 1080i?). In the meantime, you can get a $400 bundle with a BD player and a PS3 (I'm just talking about the 40GB PS3) that takes care of the entire family's next gen entertainment needs.

WilliamRLBaker4876d ago

is this the 2nd or 5th offensive so far by blu ray?

(sarcasm by the way)
there are more offensives by blu ray then hd dvd ever thought....

ENNO4876d ago

Usually the one with the most offensives is the one that wins the @ you douche!!

ArmrdChaos4876d ago

The side that WINS the most offensives is the one that usually wins the [email protected]

unlimited4876d ago

paramount was being stupid goin exclusively to money makin business is with blue ray..

mighty_douche4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

paramount signed the deal quite some time ago and at the time probably thought it would be a much closer race, as i see it they actually stand to lose money from making that deal. Transformers alone would have made them millions if it was on blu-ray.

give it till the end of the 18 month deal and watch how paramount start kissing some serious blu-ray ass!

corporate slags, nothing more.

goodganja4876d ago

Let Paramount go the way of the Capcom. They'll be losing more money than they can gain back.

I'm hoping Sony Pictures stabs Capcom in the back for the RE movie sequel and leave them high and dry.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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The story is too old to be commented.