Petz Wild Animals: Dolphinz Review (IGN)

It's like finally taking a long-awaited vacation. Stretching out on the beach, basking in the sun, and breathing deep the fresh, unspoiled air of the sea – because Petz Wild Animals: Dolphinz, at long last, is a breath of fresh air for the virtual pet category of the DS library. This is a game that does something different. It establishes its own identity, focuses its gameplay on a set of animals previously untapped by other titles, and offers players a vibrant, engaging world that's full of color, and colorful humor. Don't be turned away by the "Z" letter branding that Ubisoft's placed on the package – Petz Wild Animals: Dolphinz is a winner, and shouldn't be negatively associated with any of the lesser games that have held the Petz name in the past.

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Cat4870d ago

as if virtual pets weren't suspect enough, dolphins creep me out. thanks a lot, lisa frank.