Okamiden Review (GPT)

GPT: "The parallels between the original beautiful Okami of 2006 on the PS2 and the new Okamiden on the Nintendo DS are almost too numerous to count. The timing of their releases on dying hardware, the visual styles and even the way each game’s story unfolds mean that anyone who enjoyed the first game will likely enjoy this new adventure in Nippon."

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Raichu503305d ago

This game is a little too cutesy

GunShotEddy3305d ago

It's Nintendo, what do you think? Wait - your name is Raichu. How are pokemon not "cutesy"?

Venox20083305d ago

actually it's Capcom.. :)

btw: game is really great

GunShotEddy3305d ago

Capcom made the game. Nintendo is very controlling over what hits their hardware. In case you're new to gaming, Nintendo makes the DS.

ShyGuy133305d ago

Too adorable to comprehend. :3

GuruStarr783304d ago

Best portable game I've played all year and in a long time for that matter.