No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Review - writes: "Somehow despite all its faults, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise remains worthy of a recommendation to play it. The sheer personality and presentation factors make the game original and a delight to slog through. Even if the gameplay wears thin after a few hours, the rest of the game offers enough to keep anyone entertained. After all, when is the next time you’ll be able to wield a freakin’ beam katana in battle against a nefarious dude who has a curved sword the size of a whale, whilst collecting 8 bit power ups along the way, then driving a gigantic motorcycle and then gathering coconuts?! Your right. It just doesn’t happen. Its a shame that this game has so many special pieces to it, and yet, none of them can quite fit together. Nevertheless, what the game DOES fit together is enough to garner this game the score you see below."

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