Hyperdimesnion Neptunia Mk-2 Finally Lets Players Heal On Their Own

Siliconera writes "Hyperdimension Neptunia’s healing system was cumbersome. Recovery had to be triggered partially by luck, unless you maxed out a single healing ability, and you still needed stock items…"

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Quickstrike4789d ago

That's good news! That whole relying on luck in the first game made me not want to finish it.

Redempteur4789d ago

not exactly luck , just a bad gambit ...

but i know what you mean since healing is one of teh critic aspect of every JRPG and the excecution can make up or break a game..

RAmar1014789d ago

I've just ordered neptunia 1, looking forward to playing it I've read up on the HP cure issue I think I'll try it anyway. Its still sells at top whack in UK. The thing with these quirky titles is they hold their value and become rare as not many copies are published.

Neptunia mk2 I'll be getting that also I hope its released this year in the UK


Let's talk about games that redeemed their franchise

So many great games, so many franchises saved by developers revisiting exactly what it is players want. Hopefully, other developers wallowing in mediocrity can look to these games as blueprints for what they should do going forward.

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PhoenixUp2332d ago

It’s great to see a franchise adjust itself for the better after a stumble


Translation and Localization: How Idea Factory International Finds a Balance

Oprainfall interviews the translation staff at Idea Factory International about how they tackle localization.

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A concise history of Hyperdimension Neptunia

Michibiku's Jenni Lada writes, "Hyperdimension Neptunia is huge. It’s a massive series that covers tons of games, all of which are sort of connected? Though also not really, because quite a few are spin-offs and non-canon. It’s a lot to take in, to be sure. With Megadimension Neptunia VII on the horizon, we here at Michibiku felt like we should offer an overview of the main series’ installments."

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