7 Weirdest Video Game Cameos

AlienLion writes:

Everyone loves crossovers; otherwise, the comic book industry would never be able to afford producing stories that are actually good, every once and awhile. For some reason, seeing popular characters in settings they have no business being in is like catnip for nerds, and this real life money glitch is not going unnoticed...

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FrightfulActions3478d ago

So... am I the only one who only found maybe two or three of these to be 'weird'?

maximaz3478d ago

Considering your name, I'm surprised you found ANY of them weird.

Just kidding.

Nerdmaster3478d ago

Yeah, I thought that number 7 and number 2 are the only weird ones. The other ones were more funny than weird.

Kyosuke_Sanada3478d ago

Shinji Mikami has made some weird appearances/references in games himself. My favourite being the racing chihuahua whose name was "Mikami's head" mainly because of the comment he made about Resident Evil 4 staying exclusive to Gamecube or he will "kill himself".

Don't let me get started on Vanquish....

Boysangur3478d ago

Mikami's Head was a rather near reference in God Hand (though not a cameo unfortunately) but I had no idea it was somehow connected to a RE4 comment.