Save on L.A. Noire, Then Save LA

Playstation Lifestyle writes:

"With so many stellar hits already here, and more on the way as E3 has clearly shown us, we’ve got to keep our eyes open for deals like the one found today at Amazon. For today only, their gold box deal of the day nets you L.A. Noire for $39.99, a whopping $20 off the normal retail price. Unfortunately, there’s only a few hours remain to take advantage of these savings. L.A. Noire recently released to a great reception including from us, receiving praise for its graphical prowess and innovative style of gameplay."

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viperman2402773d ago

How is it I post a report about a lot of games on sale on amazon. And I get reported up the arse because its not even worthy news and cause the site is looking for hits.

Yet this one is just talking about an amazon deal that only lasted one day thus the deal not being available anymore gets approved.