Top Wii Game Picks for November

Which of the November Nintendo Wii game releases will come out on top?

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monkey6024871d ago

What happened to Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles? Well since RE is out of the picture Mario Galaxy gets my vote.

otherZinc4871d ago

Mario & Sonic, everything else is going in the tank.

Brothers in Arms may not make the top 50 list.

Also, Wii Sports will sell because its a pack-in and Wii Play will sell because its a pack-in w/controller.

1 more, Mario Party and thats it.

john_doe4871d ago

are you crazy?? well tell me that in two month or three from now..

Brainiac 84871d ago

The top seller this holiday for the Wii will be Super Mario Galaxy.

But there are others I think will do quite well.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Mario & Sonic at the Olympics
Manhunt 2

These are the ones I think will sell more than most this holiday.