Toggle Crouch | Red Faction: Armageddon Review

Mars sucks in Red Faction: Guerilla the red planet was dirty, dusty, and dangerous but was fun with the open world sandbox combined with the fully destructible environments which allowed you to ruin everybody’s day. Volition decided that “Armageddon” needed a more streamlined story and created a claustrophobics worst nightmare. Early in the story the “terraformer” on Mars gets broken and forces the population into cave cities and underground highways. The bulk of the game takes place ”some years later”, the amount of years for an entire civilization to move underground and look accustomed to being there, without any of the main characters aging a single day. While working as a freelance salvager, your character Darius Mason, grandson of the hero Alec Mason form Guerilla fame, stumbles upon a temple deep underground and decides to open a giant, magical looking seal, and jump down. From there you are introduced to two new things. For starters, the new enemies you will face during this 9-13 hours long odyssey, “The Plague” are a race of bug creatures that escape and start killing everybody. Secondly and more importantly you are given one of the best weapons ever invented in a shooter, the “Magnet Gun”.

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