More E3 Trailers, This Time From The New Wild Games Studio

Wild Games Studio is a relatively new bunch of folks who are developing games in Mascouche, Canada. Their primary goal is to produce games that are both innovative and original. These goals may sound a little clichéd, but WGS have dived into the deep end, getting creative with the PC/MAC, PS3, Xbox 360 and iPhone platforms. They're working on four potential games in preparation for years to come - but what exactly did they showoff at E3?

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GregoryAllen2685d ago

This E3 news just keeps on coming, man. What a busy time for gamers.

pixboy2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I have to admit, the games don't look that bad. I hope they remain interesting, and develop them further, and I hope the studio does well.

honestpizza2685d ago

Usually the games with the most promise end up getting the ax... too bad.

GetoverHere1222685d ago

Looks like some fun stuff to come.

woodyx982684d ago

Looks like really interesting. I will follow this games development.

funkyspiky2684d ago

Looks like an interesting game for teenagers.