8.0 - Dirt 3 Review

VGNetwork - I grew up with the Colin McRae Rally's series, and I've always appreciated the magnitude and variability of environments. I still remember the Rally of Athens, or the stages in New Zealand. Stages in which it was essential, in addition to a sporty and precise drive, even avoid damaging the car too, because the time to fix it at the end of each segment, was limited, and the effects on vehicle handling were clear. Dirt 3 has already lost the wonder of discovery, analysis, feeling provided by a new setting, new grounds. Now everything is flat, all cars drive the same way and the challenges, the unexpected, are always the same. The introduction of the Gymkhana is another example of this kind, in trying to open up more and more, capturing gamers with "modern" competitions, born and raised in the world of YouTube, and with his so "young" style.

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