Is The Old Republic a “WoW Clone”?

According to Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz, SWTOR is just another “WoW clone”. After the hands-on at E3, Cowen slammed the game, calling it "highly derivative" of World of Warcraft.

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zeal0us2680d ago

this make me wonder what kind of clone was ppl calling wow when it first came out? Seem like this day and age you can't make any mmorpg without getting hit with the "wow clone" statement.

ATiElite2679d ago

WoW is an Everquest clone except WoW not only fixed EQ short comings but then also took it to the next level....and the level after that!

So far SW:Tor is a WoW clone (like most RPG's) but they have a better story and dialogue (thanks to Bioware) and they have a chance to really vary game play because some characters are shooters.

BUT....They basically cloned WoW and then tacked on a lot of stuff. They should of just took Battlefront 2 and made it a MMO instead of spray painting the Lynch king to look like Lord Vader.

evrfighter12679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

If you want to see wow clone see Rift. You can tell off the bat that star wars is its own game with wow features tacked on

specifically the ui and quest tracking. The difference is in wow and rift I had no idea when I started what the story was about till I reached endgame. With Rift I'm 33 and still have no clue what the story is about.

With TOR as a level 1 I knew what my purpose was as a Sith bounty hunter and what my goal is. No quest is too small in TOR. I guess that's all I should say being under NDA and all.

TOR and DCU share some similarities. They take the best parts of WoW and sprinkle it on top of their own flagship flavor.

VampiricDragon2679d ago

so this is what 100+ million can do

antihiroprotagonist2679d ago

So, WoW set in the Star Wars universe with better play mechanics, a better story, fully voiced dialogue and story based multiplayer? Sign me up!

moaradin2679d ago

Don't forget CHOICES that actually effect the outcome of your quest and story.

evrfighter12679d ago

oh and how sweet the cutscenes are if you plan to turn to the dark side.

shadowknight2032679d ago

from what i've seen so far, id have to say no.