Crimson Alliance Gameplay Footage From E3 2011 (Hooked Gamers)

While I was at E3 I ran into the guys at Certain Affinity, a local studio in Austin, Texas that has recently made headlines for developing Halo Aniversary. Check out the footage they allowed me to film of their latest downloadable title Crimson Alliance. An arcade-style isometric dungeon crawler, it looks to be quite fun.

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dragonelite3320d ago

cool xbla this summer will be full of win.
With this and Trials Evolution.

HacSawJimThugin3319d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this game. Dungeon crawlers are quickly becoming my new favorite genre. I can't believe the devs who made Torchlight aren't giving us part 2 until later this year (maybe)...that sucks. They had the biggest first days sales in their company's history thanks to Xbox Live yet we get shafted. After Dungeon Siege 3 and this I may tired of dungeon crawling and avoid Torchlight 2 altogether...their loss.