Top 10 Games to Play While High

"Video games are fun, right? That’s why we play them, and that’s why some of us write about them. There are some titles out there that can made even more fun by using certain “herbal supplments.”- ChaingunPope

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Fir3truck2773d ago

You forgot about Beat Hazard, that game should be in the top 5.

maxcavsm2773d ago

Oh, crap, completely forgot that one. Beat Hazard is a great choice!

tdogg060519912773d ago

Zone in wipeout hd
LSD for PS1

TheStonedSheep2773d ago

Really funny article, it has a GameRadar ring to it.

earbus2773d ago

Anygame for the bus no weed no play.

SolidStoner2773d ago

I dont play my PS3 if im not a little bit high... its 10 times more fun to play games when you got some weed :) and some beer.. just a little bit and you dont just play games, you are in the game :) and nothing, nothing can distract you from your virtual world :)

PS. im not addict, I just find it the best way to relax after work and real world :)

Pintheshadows2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I'll play anything while high bar racing games. I just crash almost constantly as I don't see corners coming. I tend to enjoy JRPGs when i'm high.

I'd add 2 points on to WKC scores if you have a smoke beforehand.

Weed makes everything better.

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