TimeShift shifts time to 2007

Vivendi Games confirms new release date for Saber Interactive's first-person shooter; extra dev time given "to fulfill its potential."

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ElementX5872d ago

I am glad that they are taking the time to polish up this game. I think the concept has a lot of potential and I'd hate to see this game get rushed onto store shelves.

Prey was a good game but they should've given it more development time. Hopefully Timeshift will turn out better.

Lucidmantra5871d ago

Prey was in development for 10 years how much more time do they need? The reason Prey is the way it is, is because it was a 10 year old concept and as such some of the things are dated but they couldn't do anything about it. Prey 2 will be Prey and a shorter devtime with new-gen enphasis not PC from 10 years ago then ps2 then xbox then 360 specs.

Mikey_Gee5872d ago

I played this Demo a few months back when it came with my OXM magazine and I was "NOT" very impressed with it at all.

SO seeing as how it has been pushed to 07, that at least tells me the OXM demo was VERY EARLY. That makes me feel better about the FINAL version of this game.

Silverwolf5871d ago

I have to agree I wasn't impressed at all. When it does "fulfill" it's potential. They need to release another demo if they want any sales. That is after that lackluster demo that was released.

rj815872d ago

They sure are good at...
TIMESHIFTING...hahahahahahaha haaha


General5871d ago

Yeah you would say that about a 360 game.

Lucidmantra5871d ago

2 months ago i figured this game would be like that NAMACO game that got cancelled early this year. The DEMO was horrid, the game was average at best for a ps2/xbox game. They need the time since the new company just got it hands on the game and is looking around in the guts to see what it can do, where it can be improved, etc. etc. I hope it works. It is like Prey in that it is a intriguing new idea to put into a FPS. Immagine a Prey and TimeShift hybrid... travel in time and walk on the walls and ceilings... moving back and forth in time. ewwww.... <boingggg>

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