Can The Witcher 2 steal Skyrim's console crown?

It's coming to console, it looks ace, and Senior Producer Tomasz Gop claims The Witcher 2's "RED engine is the best engine for making non-linear and mature RPGs." Can CD Projekt's action RPG knock Skyrim off its console perch? | Raiding Party

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SuperStrokey11232772d ago

What crown did skyrim actually have? Why dont we talk about this kind of stuff once both games are actually out?

Balflear872772d ago

The Witcher 2 quality is well known, TES V: Skyrm isn't yet

Kantor2772d ago

The article seems to imply that it's talking about something other than graphics.

I have no doubt that Skyrim will be the better game.

rob_gamestribe2772d ago

Gop IS talking about something other than graphics. He talked up his RED engine as being the best engine for making 'non-linear, mature RPGs.' He's talking story, combat and player choice as well.

KeiserSosay47882772d ago

The Witcher 2 isn't all about graphics though...

JsonHenry2772d ago

It is without a doubt the best looking DX9 game EVER on my PC though.

The truth of the matter is that the gameplay, story, and yes "mature" themed choices in Witcher 2 makes Oblivion look like a PG-13 tween movie in comparison.

Skyrim will no doubt be an awesome game. But I think it will be hard for it to outshine Witcher 2 on the story/choices/dialogue front.

FAT MAN GO BOOM2772d ago

Nope never ever ever ever......


11 11 11

Skyrim will be awesome... I asked my future self and he said OH F**K yea...

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