Mobcast 102: The big, bad E3 edition (Bitmob)

In this special E3 episode of the Mobcast, UTV Ignition Games' Shane Bettenhausen and Haunted Temple Studio's Jake Kazdal join Bitmob's Dan Hsu and Demian Linn.

The group hashes over 2011's big event and discusses the respective futures of the Wii U, the 3DS, and the PS Vita; their favorite titles from the show that no one seems to be talking about; the rise of indie games; and the state of post-Wii motion-controlled platforms one year in.

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rod_furlong2734d ago

I believe the term is 'mangod'

DV_Bastian2734d ago

Anyone fooled by the Wii U needs to just turn in their nerd credentials right now.