Fox promises 8 blu-ray for ps3 launch

Fox is releasing 8 blu-ray movies for the launch of the ps3...but look at the cost! $39.99!

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andy capps5868d ago

Voting cool because 50 gb Blu-ray titles is a good thing, and also because the $40 is the suggested retail price. I doubt they'll be that much. Probably $25-30.

Marriot VP5868d ago


G_CodeMonkey5867d ago

$40 for a movie?!?!?! I seriously doubt the market will support that as there isn't real demand (yet) for either format. I just don't see it when current format is sufficient. gCM

bohemian 235868d ago

Who is going to spend 25 or 30 dollars on a movie to watch at home. If they charge any more than 20 dollars I think the Sony ship will be sinking.

joemutt5868d ago

Thats what I paid for Top Spin 2!!!

You can buy a 360 game for that price!!

Bye Bye Sony :)

Islandkiwi5868d ago

40 dollars is a lot of cash...and when you're buying Dude, where's my car, which you can buy on dvd for 13 dollars, what option do you think people will choose?

This is truly insane. Dvd's are still hugely popular, and the difference in quality to a majority of consumers is nonexistant.

At the same time, if movies are pricing at this level, what are games going to go for?

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The story is too old to be commented.