Manhunt 2 Review (GameSpy)

GameSpy's Gerald Villoria reviews the Wii version and concludes:

"It's difficult to recommend Manhunt 2 in its current M-rated form to anyone. This material isn't just inappropriate for children, it's not appropriate for most of the people you know. The background material behind the storyline is well developed enough, and those with considerable tolerance for over-the-top gore and violence may derive some pleasure from it. But the game's execution as a bland third-person stealth adventure with sub-par combat and annoyingly stylized death sequences hamstrings what could have been a sleeper hit for mature audiences. It's hard to completely blame Rockstar for all the failings of Manhunt 2, considering the ESRB's hand in crippling the developer's vision. Whether or not that vision should be considered artistic is up to you."

+ Good voice work
+ Interesting setting and characters

- Boring combat
- Distorted visuals rob the executions of any impact

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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