May NPD: Dead or Alive: Dimensions underperforms

One of the first must-have 3DS titles under-performs sales-wise based on estimates.

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nihonlight3310d ago

Sad to say but team ninja WAS Itagaki.
D.O.A. IS his baby. Shame on tecmo.
Ninja gaiden as we know it IS because of him.
They're going the way of activision......... sad.

Redempteur3310d ago

considering teh changes that were made from DOA4 to this one i have no doubt that DOA can survive pretty well without Itagaki

nihonlight3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I'm sure it will "survive" but i mean, he created those charecters.Its HIS vision. just because you own the "rights" doesn't really make it your own.
at least he put his stamp on it. we all know who brought these franchises back from the dead.

fatstarr3310d ago

meh im not surprised at all

they slapped on the hype for a niche game that not everyone plays

if you factor all the series of DOA into the amount sold and the amount of consoles that platform has sold you can get some estimates of the fan base

judging by the numbers you can get your hands on,
doa doesnt sell that much compared to other fighters...

so on a system with less than 4mill world wide
the 3ds sold 1 million in americas and this game which has a cult following has sold less than 20k i dont see the problem what were they expecting 100k?

Venox20083310d ago

I think that this game will do allright, just needs more time so more people would buy more 3DS'es :)