Exclusive Transformers: DotM Interview Reveals New Details

While at E3 BattleStrats ran into the crew from High Moon Studios, the minds behind last years Transformers: War for Cybertron and the very soon to be released Transformers: Dark of the Moon Game. We wanted to get outside of the madness at E3 so we could have a lengthy sit down with Sean Miller, the game director of DotM and dive deep into the details of the game.

During the course of the interview we covered many topics, some of which were unknown prior to now. Campaign details, character development, Stealth Force Combat, voice actors in the game and multiplayer modes were just a few of the topics we covered.


We are aware of the low volume of the video clip and will upload better audio within the hour.

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DTMBSquid3552d ago

Best game releasing tomorrow, no doubt

xxxAnubisxxx3552d ago

Completely agree. Duke sucks.

yarbie10003552d ago

I'll wait and see how the reviews are...sounds good though