Why Peter Molyneux Asked Me to Sign A Wall Saying Fable: The Journey Is ‘Not’ On Rails

While Molyneux is somewhat infamous within the gaming world for dreaming big and delivering games that never quite live up to his ideas, he is an earnest and passionate creator who wants nothing more than to engage players in a tangible fantasy.

CrzyFooL4377d ago

Because he's a lying liarface.

M-Easy4377d ago

Well I'm not going to call him a liar but I have seen footage of him running around with his pants on fire.


NewMonday4377d ago

Molyneux is a pathological liar, he just cant stop

malamdra4377d ago

the combat/action portions are clearly on rails, controlling characters movement to access levels does not mean that it's not on rails, you might as well be scrolling through menues

DualConsoleOwner4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

It seems like you can choose to drive cart to different locations.

But once you get off and go into combat, it is on rails.

So it is still on rails.

SilentNegotiator4377d ago

It's ONLY during the combat sections.....geeeeeeez! You can still waddle about through areas. What's more important?


MintBerryCrunch4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

he asked people to sign if they believed that the game will not be on rails...he didnt force anyone to sign it, but asked those that did show up if they believe his word

i think that the game wont be on rails...too much pride in that guy...he is over dramatic and his vision for what a game should deliver can be unattainable yet he believes that the effort his studio puts in is what he states...there's the disconnect....

we'll see how this game will pan out...the kinect portion HAS to be optional tho...if its required, then the game will not sell the way that MS and Molyneux envision

BISHOP-BRASIL4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Jackpot! You guys got it right.

It looks like you can choose where you are going as in which path to follow so technically not on-rails.

But still not really freedom of movement, just as everyone was emplying... I love Fable, really do, but Molyneux just failed big time trying to cover that crap, we can still smell it.

Therealspy034377d ago

i'm not a big fable fan. every since fable 1 didn't come close to his promises...and i didn't deliver 5% of what he said it would be, i just don't care for the franchise. i think you really have to project into the game to make it better than it actually is.

with that said, i think this looks like a potentially fun rail game. i'll never buy a kinect or a move and have no interest in motion gaming; but if a friend had this game, i'd really enjoy playing it, i think.

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a_bro4377d ago

Peter Molyneux: "Jedi Mind Trick Activate"

Journalists: "OH SHI-"

thehitman4377d ago

lolz funny comment what makes it more funny is that starwars is on rails too

Kon4377d ago

Ill believe it when i see it.

Godmars2904377d ago

What if it turns out that a vast majority of reviews and comments from people who've played it once its out say that its on rails? I Molyneux going to come back say that he was wrong and apologize?

Much like he's done with pretty much every Fable game after the first?

Urmomlol4377d ago

Peter is kind of a crazy person

Brian52474377d ago

So it's pretty much on rails, huh.

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