Sony: 3D consumer market growing quickly

Contrary to a welter of current reports that are predicting the failure of 3D to catch on, Sony DADC is claiming that the 3D consumer market is growing quickly than expert expected.

At a conference recently organised by the Monte-Carlo TV Festival, within the program TVXchanges, Stewart Dickison, Head of Creative Services for Sony DADC’s European operations, presented figures supporting its claim that the 3D market is growing fast among consumers. Specifically in 2010, Sony released film which sold close to 300,000 units, and this year Sony will be releasing 80 Hollywood films alone. This, he said, indicates that 60% of European homes will be 3D-enabled by 2015.

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Joni-Ice2683d ago

Yes it is. I just got my 55in 3D TV.

lashes2ashes2683d ago

thats funny i too just got a 55 inch 3d tv

Uncharted3Goty2683d ago

well makes sense 3D tvs are a big thing these days. with many movies that are supporting 3D and games as well many more will buy it.

anh_duong2683d ago

i am looking forward to 4d- smellovision

militant072683d ago

I got my 40" Smart 3DTV.

metsgaming2682d ago

glassless tvs are coming out soon wait for them and see how they look compared to glasses and go from there.

Uncharted3Goty2683d ago

and for sure it will keep growing.

alousow2683d ago


the_kutaragi_baka2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

3D is a gimmick.
Sony is using this new gaming technology to make people want to buy this crap peripherals needed for Move and 3D.
soo... No thanks Sony...

DJMarty2683d ago

@the_kutaragi_baka - Least Sony uses new Tech.

HDMI 1.3/1.4
Blu-ray 25Gb/50Gb

Microsoft use crappy last gen tech, yet you buy into that.

DVD 4.3Gb/8.3Gb
HDMI 1.2
Kinect(Sony did that 7 years prior called EyeToy)

LightofDarkness2683d ago

Cell is not all that useful, it was a proof-of-concept design that isn't really going anywhere.

New doesn't mean better, it just means new. Why re-invent the wheel?

kikizoo2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

cheap supercomputers for research, folding home, and all the graphics, physics, etc you can't see on xbox (with an equal or better gpu) say hello.

By the way, 3D is like bluray, the denial boyz said "bububu it's useless, epic fail" and now...the reality.

@andibandit/3 comments history : new xtroll spotted.

Zynga2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


Cell (yes)
HDMI 1.3/1.4 (yes)
Blu-ray 25Gb/50Gb (yes)
3D (this is nothing new at all)
Move (I don't think so, its just like the wii but with better tracking and more accurate)

Nice try but get it right next time bud.

death2smoochie2683d ago


HDMI 1.3 more correctly.
And Sega did the "EYE TOY" almost 12 years ago with the DREAMEYE...So whats your point?

militant072683d ago

Its funny you pointed at kinect as outdated tech when its billion time more advanced then the move tech, which you catagorized as a great teach used by Sony. When its actually an old wii tech but little more accurate.

+PS3 doesn't have HDMI 1.4

Cell is sony tech and it was never been the new tech. its just sony stuff.

metsgaming2682d ago

im sure people said tv itself was a gimmick and then color and that they would both fail.

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bumnut2683d ago

Why do you guys think Sony is bringing something new with 3d? Its been around a long time.

jon12342683d ago

icant wait for 4d tvs, ill be watching the future all day long!

2683d ago
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