May NPD Results: Noire Edition - No Gamer Left Behind

Rocktstar's latest hit, L.A. Noire, not only achieved excellent facial animations, but also excellent sales, selling 899,000 copies in its debut month. You know who else is really happy? Bethesda Softworks is surely happy about the sales of Brink, despite its mixed reviews. It is also nice to see Portal 2 doing well, I wasn't too sure it would see great success as a standalone title, despite the original being fantastic. The greatest mystery of the month of may has nothing to do with L.A. Noire though...

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Baba19063318d ago

still havent bought la noire although i know that i will love it. why do games have to cost so much lol =D sucks to be a student lol.

JohnApocalypse3318d ago

I wanna know the actual numbers of L.A Noire and MK9