Capcom: Dead Rising Fastest Selling Next-Gen Title

Dead Rising is not only one of the most popular Xbox 360 games to date -- according to Capcom, it's the fastest-selling next generation game to date in North America.

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specialguest5871d ago

and from recent reports, overheating 360s faster than ever.

(MS Execs)release 360 for '05 Christmas sales?...or delay release for a few months to fix overheating issues? hmm... quality product for consumers or holiday profits? hmmm...

ElementX5871d ago

I got my 360 the day it was released and bought the 2 year warrenty from Microsoft for $60. I haven't had any problems with my 360.

I did have a problem with my TV which I thought was due to a faulty video cable and I received a replacement within 4 days. I realized the TV was at fault and sent back the cable.

I've played Dead Rising for over 8 hours once, almost continuous play and didn't have any problems with my 360. I don't know why people focus on the faulty systems. It's like airplanes. There are thousands of flights but you only hear about the ones that crash.

Jay da 2KBalla5871d ago

Specialguest is just a sony fanboy and hes mad because all there ever is on this site is positive 360 news so he feels the need to say irrelevant stuff thats untrue just to make himself feel better. Thats all. Anyways excellent capcom for Dead Rising is a great game. Keep it up.

specialguest5871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

hahaha i knew some MS fanboy was gonna say that and i don't mind. i do have a question for you. why is it wrong to critisize real issues like the overheating, yet it's more than ok to bash PS3 about it's issues that haven't even happened yet since it's not even released? hahahaa just evening out the playing field that's all.

here's the real issue, if Dead Raising maxes out the 360 hardware, damn.. imagine the really hardcore games later on down the line. this isn't fanboy b/s, this is real issues.

The Snake5871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

I got a launch 360 and have never had any problems with it except wanting to throw away my second controller because my friends always want to play my games with me and I hate split screen. I have Dead Rising and have played it for multiple hours at a time with no ill effects whatsoever. I'm no fanboy, just a person who loves video games and hates haters. And fanboys. And fangirls. And people who knock things without trying them first. And anyone who will do whatever it takes to attempt to prove themselves right including exaggeration, spreading hearsay as if it were the truth without making an attempt to back it up, or even outright lying.

specialguest5871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

so i guess when videogame website, magazines, industry guys, and even TV shows like G4tv talks about this issue, they must be fanboys too huh? very funny! keep it up.

DISCIPLE1115871d ago

how is the online play what can ya do, hope its not as suck ass as saints row online that was pure garbage son.

Microsoft Master5871d ago

Go away Specialguest, you are not welcome.