Pop Gaming - We Asked For It!
Hardcore gamers are facing a phenomenon and are losing their favorite games to Pop-Gaming. They can point fingers all they want, but they have no one to blame but themselves.

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theonlylolking2686d ago

Many of us wanted people to know what it is like gaming but the companies messed up with the idea we had. I wanted people to know why I played the games I played. Not companies making new games like farmvilla, kinect disneyland, angry birds, etc... I wanted them to know why I played games like Granturismo, half life, unreal tournament, need for speed, mortal kombat, etc... Instead what happened was companies bringing out these games that are a joke to people that really play games for fun and as something they do almost or as a hobby like football.

MichaelJ3252686d ago

Thanks for the comment!

I think that games like Angry Birds are fun and well made. I just believe that the industry needs to find out exactly what it wants to do. The industry is young and will eventually define itself over time.