The Simpsons Game Review by IGN

The funniest episode of The Simpsons in years turns out to be a videogame.

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gamesblow4872d ago

Since the gamespot fiasco, all sites are staying away from this version has over this version. This one was no different. The review never mentions the differences between the 2 versions past a "hicup" Pathetic how unbias behavior cannot coexist in gaming anymore. It's sickening and a put off. It makes people not even want to buy the game because they already have to pick between consoles.

Anyways, this game wasn't fantastic, but I'm a huge fan of the Simpsons... I'll be picking it up to get me thru until Fire pro wrestling and Uncharted. Though at 8 hours, I doubt it'll happen.

Jones Miller4872d ago

Deduct maybe a 1.5 or a 2.0 from most IGN scores and you´re good to go!

riksweeney4872d ago

Finally, someone who's not afraid to admit that The Simpsons isn't funny anymore.

gamesblow4872d ago

Depends on the content, I suppose. I still find them interesting to watch... And the distinction can be made here. IT took the Simpsons nearly 20 years to lose it's greatness... It took family guy 2. Wanna talk about trite, unfunny, garbage...? Family guy takes the cake. Some of the most bland, dry and just balls out absurd humor ever seen. Beavis & Butt head looked like Abbot & Costello compared to Family guy.