Skewed and Reviewed X-COM 2011 E3 Overview

Skewed and Reviewed got some time with the developers of the latest X-COM game which is currently in development by 2K Marin. While they liked what they saw, they clearly noted that it was not the X-COM that spawned the series but rather a re-imagined version.

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Agent_S2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

After BioShock 2, I trust 2K Marin. But I know little to nothing about X-COM. *headed to wikipedia.

Edit: Ok so its a X-filesey type of tactical game series that was successful in the 90's on PC. But 2k's re-imagining will be a FPS with the lore and core elements of the series in place.

Could be good, must see more of it.

captain-obvious2686d ago

im still a bit skeptical
it used to be an RTS
now its some kind of an RTS/FPS

which is IDK
lets hope they dont Fu*k it up

EvilDonkey2686d ago

Only x-com apocalypse could be played as an RTS, X-COM 1 and 2 were TBS.

Garethvk2686d ago

I would suggest that you go to You Tube and look at some gameplay from the original. yes the graphics are dated but it was so much fun.

Basic overview was you set up a base to start and picked up more later.
You had a budget that was funded by the nations. What you do or do not do to protect them affected your funding. you also had to manage the politics.

When a threat arose you had to decide which ones to intercept and then pick a squad, equip them and send them to the crash site.

You had pistols rifles, and stock grenades at first. You would go to a zone and deploy and fight via turn based missions. When you got all of them or they all of you the mission ended. you could retreat as well.

If you won, you could take their tech and bodies back to the base for study and in time would be able to learn to use their weapons and create their own plus sell them to get funds.

As you grew in tech they would as well until a somewhat balance was reached but they were always stronger.

They would attack your base and you would counter if you found theirs.

when funds were tight you could send a squad member in unarmed to pickup whatever they could to use in a fight, or my favorite give unarmed players a heavy explosive set at 1 turn detination. They would walk in first get zapped and boom. Unarmed player two would walk in, and get a weapon from the dead aliens. It was also fun to send the bomb strapped guys down a hall into a dark area where you knew they were lurking or to a group of bad guys.

Agent_S2686d ago

Thanks for the excellent info about the series. Sounds like thats the game 2K should be remaking, not another FPS.

Garethvk2686d ago

I agree. Fans have wanted an updated version with modern graphics and multiplayer for ages. They had a third game that was Real Time and some turn based but it was a real mess of micromanagement and was awful. The so called multiplayer did not work. Then they did a flight sim one called Interceptor and one where you were a big robot blasting Aliens. The two that were pending were a shooter and a strategy game. I saw a game in PC Gamer recently that was a new take on the X -COm style turn based etc but like Laser Squad it was not being done by a big studio if I remember correctly.

EvilDonkey2686d ago

X-COM Apocalypse did not have multiplayer. It is actually a pretty good game and I would say the deepest of all the X-COM games. You have the option to play it in real time or turn based.

Garethvk2686d ago

it had a tab for it but no functionality. here is a writeup on the game from back in the day. They planned it but it was never more than a menu tab as clicking it did nada. There are issues as people are buying it on STEAM with the touted multiplay ability only to find out there is none.

There's plenty more about X-COM III to talk about - enough to make it one of the most important strategy releases of next year. The game's brilliant neo-fifties visuals, huge rampaging monsters, and multiplayer options (the designer's expect to enable up to eight players to work together against the alien menace) all are icing on what looks to be a delicious cake. Look to the skies strategists, the moment of truth is upon you...