Wii U- First Online Details

During a round table event with several third parties, Ubisoft has let slip some incredibly important details concerning the Wii U’s online infrastructure. The best news, however, is the days of friend codes are finally numbered as the Wii U will now implement a new account based system. This is exactly what Ubisoft had to say:

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iamnsuperman3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

I am confused the same website has posted two different things. One they say no friend codes another story says refined codes

Shackdaddy8363313d ago

The other article was wrong. They were talking about the 3DS when they were talking about friend codes.

snipermk03313d ago

welcome to the 21st century, nintendo. :)

SuperStrokey11233313d ago

Ill wait till i actually see what the network is actually like and what the costs will be, assuming there is any, before judging it.

carlitoskaruuz3313d ago

I'll wait to believe until Nintendo says that there is an account based system.

e-p-ayeaH3313d ago

Nothing to be impressed about the friend code system was pretty awful anyways.

carlitoskaruuz3313d ago

I guess Nintendo finally recognized that there is such thing as gamers that went through puberty.

iforgotmylogin3313d ago

first there's accounts announced in some e3 article.
then there's another article saying friend codes are back and refined
now there's this article...

ill just wait for the Nintendo announcement.

carlitoskaruuz3313d ago

The one article about "refined" friend codes was talking about the 3DS, another poor article approved for some reason...

iamnsuperman3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

"If you look at 3DS and the online of that you’ll get an understanding of where we’re going with Wii U and we’re taking that even further. We can’t talk about the details yet as Mr Iwata will announce those slightly later. But with the online of 3DS it’s obviously a massive leap on from where we were with DSi and DSi XL. It’s smooth, robust, it doesn’t drop in and out.

The friend code system has also been refined It still exists but in the same way that you'd need to pair up with friends on PSN or Xbox live. Now it's much closer to that kind of online gaming experience than what it was before."

actually hints at the Wii U as well

theonlylolking3313d ago

Maybe everyone makes there account but each account has a friend code.

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The story is too old to be commented.