PCN: PlayStation Vita Hands On Impressions

PCN: "As most, if not all, of you know by now a new PSP is coming our way. Instead of being called PSP2, Sony decided to call it PlayStation Vita, or PSV. I was happy to be able to attend this year’s Sony event, and E3, so I got first hand reactions to every step of information they released. Facing facts, not many people are fond of the name of the handheld, but the hardware changes their minds almost immediately."

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Burning_Finger3319d ago

I got the premium pre-ordered already at amazon.


Misterhbk3319d ago

WiFi only preordered. I may switch to the 3G version if we have the option of not needing to buy the 3G plan right away. I may want to do 3G down the line but probably not right out the gate. If that is an option I'll be getting the 3G version, otherwise I'm good with the WiFi.

Got Mobile Hotspot anyways so its all good. XD

Soldierone3319d ago

Im waiting on more information from it. Verizon usually never works with the same technology as AT T so I want to know If I buy that, will i have the option to use Verizon in the future or will I need a whole new PSV...

In otherwords, pre ordered two wifi only models for now.

gaffyh3319d ago

I might import it from America this time, it works out cheaper by a LOT if I do that from the UK. But I'd have to hope that it didn't get import tax.

blusoops3319d ago

I remember an interview where yoshida said it was important that the costumer was not forced into any contract. So it seems 3G will be like how it is on iPad. Pay for what u need as u need it.

PS3pwnz3319d ago

I'm jealous. Minus a bubble.
Just joking ; )

KILLERAPP3319d ago

I was going to buy a slim 360 with 250 GB since I still have my original launch 360 with 20 GB, the console has serve right all these 6 years but I wanted a new one but when I saw the price and the games I might just have to buy a vita this year even if I to get it from Japan...

negroguy3319d ago

I have the 3G pre-ordered. This will be my first handheld since gameboy color. I don't play on my console like I use to so this should fit me perfectly.

MasterCornholio3319d ago

Day one for me. As soon as i can preorder it from game i am going to reserve the 3G one.

MasterCornholio3319d ago

Go ahead fanboys attempt to change my mind. I dare you.

Mr Tretton3319d ago

The thing that is strange to me is the speaker placement. Your thumb may be blocking it

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